Session Messages By Name

Name Description
Heartbeat (0)

The Heartbeat (0) monitors the status of the communication link and identifies when the last of a string of messages was not received.

Logon (A)

The Logon (A) message authenticates a user establishing a connection to a remote system. The Logon (A) message must be the first message sent by the application requesting to initiate a FIX session.

Logout (5)

The Logout (5) message initiates or confirms the termination of a FIX session. Disconnection without the exchange of Logout (5) messages should be interpreted as an abnormal condition.

Reject (3)

The Reject (3) message should be issued when a message is received but cannot be properly processed due to a session-level rule violation. An example of when a reject may be appropriate would be the receipt of a message with invalid basic data (e.g. MsgType (35) =&) which successfully passes de-encryption, CheckSum (10) and BodyLength (9) checks. As a rule, messages should be forwarded to the trading application for business level rejections whenever possible.

Resend Request (2)

The Resend Request (2) is sent by the receiving application to initiate the retransmission of messages. This function is utilized if a sequence number gap is detected, if the receiving application lost a message, or as a function of the initialization process.

Sequence Reset (4)

The Sequence Reset (4) message has two modes: Gap Fill mode and Reset mode.

Test Request (1)

The Test Request (1) message forces a heartbeat from the opposing application. The Test Request (1) message checks sequence numbers or verifies communication line status. The opposite application responds to the Test Request (1) with a Heartbeat (0) containing the TestReqID (112) .