PosAmtType (Tag = 707, Type: String)

Type of Position amount

Valid values:
'FMTM' Final Mark-to-Market Amount
'IMTM' Incremental Mark-to-Market Amount
'TVAR' Trade Variation Amount
'SMTM' Start-of-Day Mark-to-Market Amount
'PREM' Premium Amount
'CRES' Cash Residual Amount
'CASH' Cash Amount (Corporate Event)
'VADJ' Value Adjusted Amount
'SETL' Settlement Value
'ICPN' Initial Trade Coupon Amount
'ACPN' Accrued Coupon Amount
'CPN' Coupon Amount
'IACPN' Incremental Accrued Coupon
'CMTM' Collateralized Mark to Market
'ICMTM' Incremental Collateralized Mark to market
'DLV' Compensation Amount
'BANK' Total Banked Amount
'COLAT' Total Collateralized Amount

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