Collateral Assignment (MsgType = AY, FIXML = CollAsgn)

Used to assign collateral to cover a trading position. This message can be sent unsolicited or in reply to a Collateral Request (AX) message.

The Collateral Assignment (AY) message can be used to perform the following:

Tag Field Name FIXML Req'd Comments
<Standard Message Header> Y MsgType = AY
902 CollAsgnID @ID Y Unique Identifer for collateral assignment (AY)
894 CollReqID @ReqID N Identifer of CollReqID (894) to which the Collateral Assignment (AY) is in response
895 CollAsgnReason @AsgnRsn Y Reason for collateral assignment (AY)
903 CollAsgnTransType @TransTyp Y Collateral Transaction Type
907 CollAsgnRefID @RefID N Collateral assignment to which this transaction refers
60 TransactTime @TxnTm Y
126 ExpireTime @ExpireTm N For an Initial assignment, time by which a response is expected
<Parties> N
1 Account @Acct N Customer Account
581 AccountType @AcctTyp N Type of account associated with the order (Origin)
11 ClOrdID @ClOrdID N Identifier fo order for which collateral is required
37 OrderID @OrdID N Identifier fo order for which collateral is required
198 SecondaryOrderID @OrdID2 N Identifier fo order for which collateral is required
526 SecondaryClOrdID @ClOrdID2 N Identifier fo order for which collateral is required
124 NoExecs CollExc N Executions for which collateral is required
=> 17 ExecID @ExecID C Required if NoExecs (124) > 0
897 NoTrades TrdColl N Trades for which collateral is required
=> 571 TradeReportID @RptID C Required if NoTrades (897) > 0
=> 818 SecondaryTradeReportID @TrdRptID2 N
<Instrument> N
<Financing Details> N
64 SettlDate @SettlDt N
53 Quantity @Qty N
854 QtyType @QtyTyp N
15 Currency @Ccy N
555 NoLegs Leg N Number of legs that make up the Security
=> <Instrument Leg> C Required if NoLegs (555) > 0
711 NoUnderlyings UndColl N Number of underlyings
=> <Underlying Instrument> C Required if NoUnderlyings (711) > 0
=> 944 CollAction @Actn C Required if NoUnderlyings (711) > 0, otherwise this field should not be used.
899 MarginExcess @MgnExcess N
900 TotalNetValue @TotNetValu N
901 CashOutstanding @CshOutstanding N
<TrdRegTimestamps> N
54 Side @Side N
136 NoMiscFees MiscFees N Required if any miscellaneous fees are reported. Indicates number of repeating entries.
=> 137 MiscFeeAmt @Amt C Required if NoMiscFees (136) > 0
=> 138 MiscFeeCurr @Curr N
=> 139 MiscFeeType @Typ C Required if NoMiscFees (136) > 0
=> 891 MiscFeeBasis @Basis N
44 Price @Px N
423 PriceType @PxTyp N
159 AccruedInterestAmt @AcrdIntAmt N
920 EndAccruedInterestAmt @EndAcrdIntAmt N
921 StartCash @StartCsh N
922 EndCash @EndCsh N
<Spread or Benchmark Curve Data> N
<Stipulations> N
<SettlInstructionsData> N
336 TradingSessionID @SesID N Trading Session in which trade occurred
625 TradingSessionSubID @SesSub N Trading Session Subid in which trade occurred
716 SettlSessID @SetSesID N
717 SettlSessSubID @SetSesSub N
715 ClearingBusinessDate @BizDt N
58 Text @Txt N
354 EncodedTextLen @EncTxtLen C Must be set if EncodedText (355) field is specified and must immediately precede it.
355 EncodedText @EncTxt C Encoded (non-ASCII characters) representation of the Text (58) field in the encoded format specified via the MessageEncoding (347) field.
<Standard Message Trailer> Y