Trade Capture Report Request Ack (MsgType = AQ, FIXML = TrdCaptRptReqAck)

The Trade Capture Request Ack (AQ) message is used to:

NOTE: A Trade Capture Report Request Ack (AQ) is not required if one or more Trade Capture Reports will be returned in-band immediately.

Tag Field Name FIXML Req'd Comments
<Standard Message Header> Y MsgType = AQ
568 TradeRequestID @ReqID Y Identifier for the trade request
569 TradeRequestType @ReqTyp Y
263 SubscriptionRequestType @SubReqTyp N Used to subscribe / unsubscribe for trade capture reports. If the field is absent, the value 0 will be the default.
748 TotalNumTradeReports @TotNumTrdRpts N Number of trade reports returned.
749 TradeRequestResult @ReqRslt Y Result of Trade Request: 0 - Accepted, 1 - Rejected.
750 TradeRequestStatus @ReqStat Y Status of Trade Request.
<Instrument> Y
711 NoUnderlyings Undly N
=> <Underlying Instrument> C Required when NoUnderlyings (711) > 0
555 NoLegs Leg N Number of legs. NoLegs (555) > 0 identifies a Multi-leg Execution
=> <Instrument Leg> C Must be provided if NoLegs (555) > 0
442 MultiLegReportingType @MLEGRptTyp N Specify type of multileg reporting to be returned.
725 ResponseTransportType @RspTransportTyp N Ability to specify whether the response to the request should be delivered inband or via pre-arranged out-of-band transport.
726 ResponseDestination @RspDest N URI destination name. Used if ResponseTransportType (725) is out-of-band.
58 Text @Txt N May be used by the executing market to record any execution. Details that are particular to that market.
354 EncodedTextLen @EncTxtLen C Must be set if EncodedText (355) field is specified and must immediately precede it.
355 EncodedText @EncTxt C Encoded (non-ASCII characters) representation of the Text field in the encoded format specified via the MessageEncoding (347) field.
<Standard Message Trailer> Y