SecurityType (Tag = 167, Type: String)

Indicates type of security. See also the Product (460) and CFICode (461) fields. It is recommended that CFICode (461) be used instead of SecurityType (167) for non-Fixed Income instruments.

Valid values:

NOTE: Additional values may be used by mutual agreement of the counterparties)

'TREASURY' Federal government or treasury
'PROVINCE' State, province, region, etc.
'AGENCY' Federal agency
'MORTGAGE' Mortgage passthrough
'EQUITY' Equity
'CASH' Cash
'EUSUPRA' Euro Supranational Coupons (Identify the Issuer in the "Issuer" field(106))
'FAC' Federal Agency Coupon
'FADN' Federal Agency Discount Note
'PEF' Private Export Funding (Identify the Issuer in the 'Issuer' field(106))
'SUPRA' Supra-national agency/USD Supranational Coupons (Identify the Issuer in the "Issuer" field(106))
'CORP' Corporate Bond
'CPP' Corporate Private Placement
'CB' Convertible Bond
'DUAL' Dual Currency
'EUCORP' Euro Corporate Bond
'XLINKD' Indexed Linked
'STRUCT' Structured Notes
'YANK' Yankee Corporate Bond
'FOR' Foreign Exchange Contract
'CS' Common Stock
'PS' Preferred Stock
'BRANDY' Brady Bond
'EUSOV' Euro Sovereigns (Identify the Issue Name in Issuer (106))
'TBOND' US Treasury Bond
'TINT' Interest strip from any bond or note
'TIPS' Treasury Inflation Protected Securities
'TCAL' Principal strip of a callable bond or note
'TPRN' Principal strip from a non-callable bond or note
'UST' US Treasury Note (deprecated value, use "TNOTE")
'USTB' US Treasury Bill (deprecated value, use "TBILL")
'TNOTE' US Treasury Note
'TBILL' US Treasury Bill
'REPO' Repurchase
'FORWARD' Forward
'BUYSELL' Buy Sellback
'SECLOAN' Securities Loan
'SECPLEDGE' Securities Pledge
'TERM' Term Loan
'RVLV' Revolver Loan
'RVLVTRM' Revolver/Term Loan
'BRIDGE' Bridge Loan
'LOFC' Letter of Credit
'SWING' Swing Line Facility
'DINP' Debtor in Possession
'DEFLTED' Defaulted
'WITHDRN' Withdrawn
'REPLACD' Replaced
'MATURED' Matured
'AMENDED' Amended & Restated
'RETIRED' Retired
'BA' Bankers Acceptance
'BN' Bank Notes
'BOX' Bill of Exchanges
'CD' Certificate of Deposit
'CL' Call Loans
'CP' Commercial Paper
'DN' Deposit Notes
'EUCD' Euro Certificate of Deposit
'EUCP' Euro Commercial Paper
'LQN' Liquidity Note
'MTN' Medium Term Notes
'ONITE' Overnight
'PN' Promissory Note
'PZFJ' Plazos Fijos
'STN' Short Term Loan Note
'TD' Time Deposit
'XCN' Extended Comm Note
'YCD' Yankee Certificate of Deposit
'ABS' Asset-backed Securities
'CMBS' Corp. Mortgage-backed Securities
'CMO' Collateralized Mortgage Obligation
'IET' IOETTE Mortgage
'MBS' Mortgage-backed Securities
'MIO' Mortgage Interest Only
'MPO' Mortgage Principal Only
'MPP' Mortgage Private Placement
'MPT' Miscellaneous Pass-through
'PFAND' Pfandbriefe (Identify the Issue Name in Issuer (106))
'TBA' To be Announced
'AN' Other Anticipation Notes BAN, GAN, etc.
'COFO' Certificate of Obligation
'COFP' Certificate of Participation
'GO' General Obligation Bonds
'MT' Mandatory Tender
'RAN' Revenue Anticipation Note
'REV' Revenue Bonds
'SPCLA' Special Assessment
'SPCLO' Special Obligation
'SPCLT' Special Tax
'TAN' Tax Anticipation Note
'TAXA' Tax Allocation
'TECP' Tax Exempt Commercial Paper
'TRAN' Tax & Revenue Anticipation Note
'VRDN' Variable Rate Demand Note
'WAR' Warrant
'MF' Mutual Fund (i.e. any kind of open-ended "Collective Investment Vehicle")
'MLEG' Multi-leg instrument (e.g. options strategy or futures spread. CFICode (461) can be used to identify if options-based, futures-based, etc.)
'NONE' No Security Type
'?' "Wildcard" entry (used on Security Definition Request (c) message)

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