ExecType (Tag = 150, Type: char)

Describes the specific Execution Report (e.g. Pending Cancel) while OrdStatus (39) will always identify the current order status (e.g. Partially Filled) *** SOME VALUES HAVE BEEN REPLACED - See "Replaced Features and Supported Approach" ***

Valid values:
'0' New
'3' Done for day
'4' Canceled
'5' Replaced
'6' Pending Cancel (e.g. result of Order Cancel Request)
'7' Stopped
'8' Rejected
'9' Suspended
'A' Pending New
'B' Calculated
'C' Expired
'D' Restated (Execution Report sent unsolicited by sellside, with ExecRestatementReason (378) set)
'E' Pending Replace (e.g. result of Order Cancel/Replace Request (G) )
'F' Trade (partial fill or fill)
'G' Trade Correct (formerly an ExecTransType)
'H' Trade Cancel (formerly an ExecTransType)
'I' Order Status (formerly an ExecTransType)
'J' Trade in a Clearing Hold
'K' Trade has been released to Clearing
'L' Triggered or Activated by System
'M' Locked
'N' Released

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