PartyIDSource (Tag = 447, Type: char)

Identifies class or source of the PartyID (448) value. Required if PartyID is specified. Note: applicable values depend upon PartyRole (452) specified.

See " Appendix 6-G Use of <Parties> Component Block ".

Valid values:
'B' BIC (Bank Identification Code-Swift managed) code (ISO 9362)
'C' Generally accepted market participant identifier (e.g. NASD mnemonic)
'D' Proprietary/Custom code
'E' ISO Country Code
'F' Settlement Entity Location (note if Local Market Settlement use "E = ISO Country Code")
'G' Market Identifier Code (ISO 10383) MIC
'H' CSD participant/member code (e.g. Euroclear, DTC, CREST or Kassenverein number)
'1' Korean Investor ID
'2' Taiwanese Qualified Foreign Investor ID QFII / FID
'3' Taiwanese Trading Account
'4' Malaysian Central Depository (MCD) number
'5' Chinese B Share (Shezhen and Shanghai)
'6' UK National Insurance or Pension Number
'7' US Social Security Number
'8' US Employer Identification Number
'9' Australian Business Number
'A' Australian Tax File Number
'I' Directed broker three character acronym as defined in ISITC 'ETC Best Practice' guidelines document
'J' Tax ID
'K' Australian Company Number
'L' Australian Registered Body Number
'M' CFTC reporting firm identifier
'N' Legal Entity Identifier (ISO 17442) LEI
'O' Interim identifier (An interim entity identifier assigned by a regulatory agency prior to an LEI (ISO 17442) being assigned.
'P' Short code identifier
'Q' National ID of natural person
'R' India Permanent Account Number (Also referred to as PAN ID. An identifier issued by the Income Tax Department of India)
'S' Firm designated identifier
'T' Special Segregated Account ID
'U' Master Special Segregated Account ID

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