MsgType (Tag = 35, Type: String)

Defines message type ALWAYS THIRD FIELD IN MESSAGE. (Always unencrypted)

Note: A "U" as the first character in the MsgType field (i.e. U, U2, etc) indicates that the message format is privately defined between the sender and receiver.

*** Note the use of lower case letters ***

Valid values:
'0' Heartbeat
'1' Test Request
'2' Resend Request
'3' Reject
'4' Sequence Reset
'5' Logout
'6' Indication of Interest
'7' Advertisement
'8' Execution Report
'9' Order Cancel Reject
'A' Logon
'B' News
'C' Email
'D' New Order - Single
'E' New Order - List
'F' Order Cancel Request
'G' Order Cancel/Replace Request
'H' Order Status Request
'J' Allocation Instruction
'K' List Cancel Request
'L' List Execute
'M' List Status Request
'N' List Status
'P' Allocation Instruction Ack
'Q' Don't Know Trade
'R' Quote Request
'S' Quote
'T' Settlement Instructions
'V' Market Data Request
'W' Market Data - Snapshot/Full Refresh
'X' Market Data - Incremental Refresh
'Y' Market Data Request Reject
'Z' Quote Cancel
'a' Quote Status Request
'b' Mass Quote Acknowledgement
'c' Security Definition Request
'd' Security Definition
'e' Security Status Request
'f' Security Status
'g' Trading Session Status Request
'h' Trading Session Status
'i' Mass Quote
'j' Business Message Reject
'k' Bid Request
'l' Bid Response
'm' List Strike Price
'n' XML message
'o' Registration Instructions
'p' Registration Instructions Response
'q' Order Mass Cancel Request
'r' Order Mass Cancel Report
's' New Order - Cross
't' Cross Order Cancel/Replace Request
'u' Cross Order Cancel Request
'v' Security Type Request
'w' Security Types
'x' Security List Request
'y' Security List
'z' Derivative Security List Request
'AA' Derivative Security List
'AB' New Order - Multileg
'AC' Multileg Order Cancel/Replace
'AD' Trade Capture Report Request
'AE' Trade Capture Report
'AF' Order Mass Status Request
'AG' Quote Request Reject
'AH' RFQ Request
'AI' Quote Status Report
'AJ' Quote Response
'AK' Confirmation
'AL' Position Maintenance Request
'AM' Position Maintenance Report
'AN' Request For Positions
'AO' Request For Positions Ack
'AP' Position Report
'AQ' Trade Capture Report Request Ack
'AR' Trade Capture Report Ack
'AS' Allocation Report
'AT' Allocation Report Ack
'AU' Confirmation Ack
'AV' Settlement Instruction Request
'AW' Assignment Report
'AX' Collateral Request
'AY' Collateral Assignment
'AZ' Collateral Response
'BA' Collateral Report
'BB' Collateral Inquiry
'BC' Network Counterparty System Status Request
'BD' Network Counterparty System Status Response
'BE' User Request
'BF' User Response
'BG' Collateral Inquiry Ack
'BH' Confirmation Request
'BI' Trading Session List Request
'BJ' Trading Session List
'BK' Security List Update Report
'BL' Adjusted Position Report
'BM' Allocation Instruction Alert
'BN' Execution Acknowledgement
'BO' Contrary Intention Report
'BP' Security Definition Update Report
'BQ' Settlement Obligation Report
'BR' Derivative Security List Update Report
'BS' Trading Session List Update Report
'BT' Market Definition Request
'BU' Market Definition
'BV' Market Definition Update Report
'BW' Application Message Request
'BX' Application Message Request Ack
'BY' Application Message Report
'BZ' Order Mass Action Report
'CA' Order Mass Action Request
'CB' User Notification
'CC' Stream Assignment Request
'CD' Stream Assignment Report
'CE' Stream Assignment Report ACK
'CH' Margin Requirement Inquiry
'CI' Margin Requirement Inquiry Ack
'CJ' Margin Requirement Report
'CF' Party Details List Request
'CG' Party Details List Report
'CK' Party Details List Update Report
'CL' Party Risk Limits Request
'CM' Party Risk Limits Report
'CN' SecurityMassStatusRequest
'CO' SecurityMassStatus
'CQ' Account Summary Report
'CR' Party Risk Limits Update Report
'CS' Party Risk Limits Definition Request
'CT' Party Risk Limits Definition Request Ack
'CU' Party Entitlements Request
'CV' Party Entitlements Report
'CW' Quote Ack
'CX' Party Details Definition Request
'CY' Party Details Definition Request Ack
'CZ' Party Entitlements Update Report
'DA' Party Entitlements Definition Request
'DB' Party Entitlements Definition Request Ack
'DC' Trade Match Report
'DD' Trade Match Report Ack
'DE' Party Risk Limits Report Ack
'DF' Party Risk Limit Check Request
'DG' Party Risk Limit Check Request Ack
'DH' Party Action Request
'DI' Party Action Report
'DJ' MassOrder
'DK' MassOrderAck
'DL' PositionTransferInstruction
'DM' PositionTransferInstructionAck
'DN' PositionTransferReport
'DO' Market Data Statistics Request
'DP' Market Data Statistics Report
'DQ' CollateralReportAck
'DR' Market Data Report
'DT' CrossRequestAck
'DU' AllocationInstructionAlertRequest
'DV' AllocationInstructionAlertRequestAck
'DW' TradeAggregationRequest
'DX' TradeAggregationReport
'DY' PayManagementReport
'DZ' PayManagementReportAck
'EA' PayManagementRequest
'EB' PayManagementRequestAck

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